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Contact How to Upgrade to W10

Get your current windows activation key. How?

Backup your entire system, if possible get an image of it

Right click on the W10 icon

And choose ‘Get Windows 10’

Leave the system alone,

It may take several (3 or 4) hours!

Eventually the system will restart

And present you with W10!

If you don’t like it you have 30 days to revert to your previous system. To do this got to Start:Update & Security:Recovery:Revert.

You can get a copy of W10 here in case you need to re-install it. However, you will need your activation key which will have changed so go and get the new one. How?

Get a fresh backup and image. It may come in handy! Don’t overwrite the old one if you can avoid it. Click Start:Settings:Update & Security:Backup.

Once your happy with W10 and your revert period has passed (30 days), you will want to remove the files used for the update. Open File Explorer and right click the C: drive. Choose Disk Cleanup. Click the ‘Cleanup system files’ button. Click OK.

So now you’ve upgraded to W10, what do you do? Have a look at my ‘Getting Started’ guide.