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Windows 10 has been out for a few months now, you have until 29th July 2016 to upgrade if you want to do so for free.

This page discusses the advantages and disadvantages of Windows 10 and helps you make the upgrade if you wish.

If you want to talk it through, give me a call!

UpgradeToW10 DontUpgrade

Why you should upgrade to W10

Why you shouldn’t upgrade to W10

How To Upgrade to W10

Generally, the recommendation is to do the upgrade. The main reason being that you will have to do it at some stage and it might as well be whilst it’s free!

How to upgrade to Windows 10


I think most people will be OK to go ahead and do the upgrade themselves following my instructions.

But, if you are a little squeamish you can ask me. I charge a standard £75 + VAT = £90 to upgrade a machine. Business users give me a call to discuss upgrading several machines.

Give me a call if you want me to do it!