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Contact Why you would want to upgrade to W10
  1. Price
    It’s free to upgrade a Home or Professional version of Windows 7 or 8 before 29/7/16. Business users should check which version they are using as it could be Enterprise or Ultimate which are not eligible. Note that your licence may change from a full licence to an OEM one (see above). After 29/7/16 I believe the price is intended to be £100 for home and £190 for Professional.
  2. Drivers
    The new DX12 drivers are built into the Operating System. If you play games this may make a difference and be worth the upgrade on it’s own!
  3. End Of Life For Other Operating Systems.
    Windows 7 is already in Extended Support (means Microsoft will only fix major problems). This will continue until 2020 by which time you ought to be off Windows 7.
  4. Enhanced Security.
    A bit of a double edged sword. Security is stronger but the defaults leave you quite open. After you’ve installed W10 you might want to have a look through the security options (see my Getting Started With W10 page).
  5. Applications everywhere.
    In theory applications can run on any Windows platform. Mmm, might have to wait for some to appear.
  6. Access
    The face recognition software in W10 is (allegedly) fantastic and can log you in really quickly. Unfortunately you need a special camera to use it which is rare and expensive. Haven’t seen a laptop with one yet either! It will be good when it arrives.
  7. Parental Control.
    The key thing here is the Microsoft Account that your child uses, you can now impose limitations on it. I guess they might just login with another ID?
  8. W10 upgrade nag!
    It is annoying. Upgrading to W10 gets rid of it. There are other ways of switching it off though.