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There are several aspects of security which should be considered:

How do you stop people walking off with your PC? I can advise on ways of physically securing your PC or laptop to something solid in the room.

Your wireless network will always be less secure than your cabled network. However, by using encryption techniques, hiding your network and holding approved lists of known machines it can be made very difficult to break in. I can also advise on what to watch out for that may suggest you are being attacked.

If you have sensitive data that you want to protect I can show you a number of different ways of hiding it and encrypting it to prevent other people being able to read it. I can also advise on password selection and how to remember them.

Generally for home users, AVG is sufficient, and it is free. If you want more peace of mind I sell products from Eset which are rated best in many reviews. I have some special deals available - give me a call!

For business users where a server is involved Trend Micro solutions are by far the best having been designed for servers from the ground up. Give me a call for a competitive quote.