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Sometimes when your PC breaks the cause will be obvious, sometimes it is a little more difficult to work out what has gone wrong. When it happens give me a call and I can come out to assess the situation.

I can:

If you are having trouble with Broadband connectivity I can help to diagnose the issue and discuss technical issues with your Internet Service Provider on your behalf.


It is in the nature of PCs to get slower over time. A number of different things will contribute to this and newer models always look that much faster.

I can review your existing PC and provide benchmark information which will help to decide whether a machine is still viable. If it is I can recommend tuning actions which you can do yourself or I can do for you (this may entail taking the PC away for a short while). I may also be able to suggest alternative ways of working which will make the system feel quicker to use.

When a system is finally beyond use as a desktop machine, I can help you to explore what is available on the market and also help you to consider other uses for it as a backup or file server.


I use Teamviewer to be able to dial in to your machines and see what problems there are. I also use my own ‘Lighthouse’ program to monitor servers and key machines.

Find faults and repair them.