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Contact Why you wouldn’t want to upgrade to W10
  1. Happy!
    Your used to your current operating system.
  2. OEM
    Your license will be downgraded to an OEM license. If your copy of Windows 7 came with your PC this will not apply but if you bought Windows 7 separately note that when you upgrade your licence will be an OEM one tied to the PC you’ve loaded it onto.
  3. Incompatible software.
    You can run the windows 10 compatiblity report by right clicking the Windows 10 icon and selecting “Check your upgrade status”. You may still have software which is not compatible so if you are worried about something specific check with the company that supplied it. Business users want to check Sage specifically as only the latest version runs on W10.
  4. Uncontrollable Updates.
    Much has been made in the press about the loss of control over updates under W10. Whilst it’s true that home users (which is likely to include you) will lose the ability to stop updates being applied, in reality you would probably want to apply them anyway so I don’t regard it as such a big issue.
  5. Incompatible hardware.
    Older kit may not work but if it works under Windows 7 or 8 then it is extremely likely to work under W10. If in doubt check with the manufacturer. In particular think about printers and cameras which you may be using.
  6. Privacy compromises.
    Again the press make a big deal of privacy loss in W10. This is controllable and my installation instructions tell you how to reduce the impact of this.
  7. Media Center gone.
    Do you need this? Try plex instead, see
  8. DVD Playback removed.
    My suggestion would be to use VLC instead. See
  9. Poorer applications.
    Certainly the email facility in W10 is a poorer implementation than that in Windows 7/8. It has lots of issues. If you have Outlook then use that. An alternative would be Mozilla Thunderbird. Alternatively just log on to your email through a browser.
  10. Still on Vista or XP, you’re out of luck. The free upgrade only applies to Windows 7 and 8.