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Having got the PC in place and all plugged in (I can help with this if it is proving difficult), the first thing you should do is create recovery disks. How you do this will be dependent on the manufacturer of the system. Once you have the recovery disks, label them up clearly and store them in a safe place. Then put in place a regular backup cycle so that you can build the machine back into the state you require.

Whether you need one will depend on how you connect to the Internet and whether one came with your Operating System (it often does). Switching it on will have a big impact on the speed of your system, I can help you to assess whether you really need it and the options available to you.

You will definitely need some Anti Virus software. There are some very good free packages available and I can help you to identify one that will protect you and set it up to scan your system on a regular basis. Alternatively, I sell a product from Trend Micro which will protect your PC very effectively without putting unnecessary strain on it. gular basis.

The word processor and spreadsheet tools available can greatly enhance the usefulness of your PC. I can help you to review the tools that came with the PC and obtain free versions of packages if the tools you have are not suitable.gular basis.

I can help you to work with your Internet Service Provider in order to get you a connection to the Internet Once online you will find that the Internet can be a scary place with all that is best and worst in the world available from your PC. I can take you through how to use the Internet safely and effectively and teach you how to use online shopping and banking sites.gular basis.

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