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I can talk through the checklist below with you and explore what would be most appropriate. I can recommend latest deals and also review offers that you have seen to ‘sense check’ them. I also have access to my own suppliers and can identify deals which are not readily available. I have two main suppliers for computers that I sell:

These sites are good places to look for PC Deals, click on the name to go there:

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You need to also consider the type of PC to buy. Laptops are very popular and look very attractive, however, they have their disadvantages. They tend to be a lot more expensive than desktop equivalent machines and when they go wrong they are very much more expensive to repair (if it is worth doing) because the parts tend to be restricted to those produced by the manufacturer. Generally the best approach is to buy a big desktop PC and a cheap laptop to use whilst watching the TV. The laptop can then use ‘Remote Desktop’ to utilise the resources of the desktop machine. I can help you to set this up and to choose an appropriate desktop and laptop PC.

I can also supply all equipment through a number of different suppliers and refurbished equipment can be considerably cheaper!

Get a new PC


High end PC builders, they regularly win awards and the build quality is excellent. If you want the best you want Chillblast. There is a 10 day lead time!

Red Cat

A more traditional builder they can build custom PCs to any requirement. The build quality is good and there is very little lead time (often next day). They are cheaper than Chillblast!